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Aircraft Rental Change

The new year is upon us, a fresh year full of new goals for many of us, a chance to reset and start new. Hopefully that includes a year of flying fun and adventure, maybe a visit to new and interesting places or add that extra rating. We certainly wish everyone the best as we start into this new year.

With the new year comes a look back at the last. Where we stand from a personal or business stand point. We at Lapeer Aviation have been trying really hard to offer our community a chance to fly at reasonable rates. Last year we were able to offer a total of three airplanes at very incredible prices, in fact, I really can’t find anyone cheaper. Our goal is not to make money renting these aircraft but to allow more of the community the opportunity to share in the joy of flight.

As we look back on 2014 we have realized that in our efforts to offer these incredible rates, we fell a little short in the day to day operational and maintenance costs involved in operating our fleet. For this reason we have to make a small increase of $4 per hour to rental rates of the Cessna 172 and the Piper Warrior. The new per hour wet fee will be as follows, The Cessna 172 will be $99 per hour wet and the Piper Warrior will be $109.00 per hour wet.

This change will help us maintain the aircraft to the standards that we demand and you deserve, and we know that you will find that these prices are still an incredible deal.

Thank you for your understanding and good luck in the new year.

Please don’t forget, Friday January 9th, at 7:00pm there will be a mandatory meeting for those who rent the aircraft from us.